Best Day!

Friday – it’s time for yourself. At weekend a lot of time need to spend to home, family, farm and car. And then Monday will come.

“Tyapniza” - it’s the holidays with alcohol.

So Friday is associated with positive emotions, relaxation, rest, good pastime.

Name becomes common word “Tyapniza”.

For the rest

There is no place to work troubles, politics, nostalgie, win and loses. Don’t want any exciting emotions. There is only one desire to take a pleasure and relax.

“Tyapniza” – it’s good idea for the rest, which will make every party better. This is vodka, which favor the rest and relaх at weekend and the sаme time after workday routine.

National brand

Vodka “Tyapniza” – it’s very popular brand of mass segment in a row of strong alcoholic production.

Made from spirit "Lux", the glacial water, which is softened by the old classic recipe.

Produced a volume of
0,25; 0,5 and 1,0 l.
218 Krasnyh Partizan Street,
Krasnodar, Russian Federation